Hello WYSO!

I am Kijin Higashibaba, the new Miller Fellow for 2013! I couldn’t be more excited to be here. I will be working part-time at the station for the Winter, Summer and Fall and will go full-time this Spring.

Even in the whirlwind of moving out the Ohio, taking my first college-level courses and struggling through my economics course last fall, my ambitions to write and report have never been too far from my thoughts. In fact they never have been. Dreams of being a journalist began in grade school, shortly after the demise of the idea to be a teacher in third grade. They have not changed since. All through high school I fell more and more in love with non-fiction and writing and despite the setbacks of inexperience, the dream lives on. The exact focus of what type of media I wish to take part in is still unclear to me, but I am so excited to learn more about radio here at WYSO.

My journey to Antioch College began the Summer of 2010, the year I graduated high school. Trailing what was little more than a rumor I decided to respond to an add put in my elementary school’s newsletter by a Spanish family looking for an English-speaking nanny, or oper, to come and live with them in Spain for a year. I was already all geared up to attend the University of Massachusetts, Amherst that fall, but since nothing about that school particularly enthused me, I sent the inquiry and resume and crossed my fingers as hard as I could. A month later I was on a plane to Madrid, Spain. My ten months there solidified in me the definition of ‘experience’. The combination of leaving home for the first time, learning a new language, and living with complete strangers held for me a multitudes of challenges and rewards. I worked for two different Spanish families in 9 months. After a quick, month-long, jog (figuratively) around Italy, Switzerland, France and the U.K. I flew home a new person.

By the time I came around the applying to Antioch College I had gone through the general college application process twice before. My college counselor told me the story of Antioch and asked me if I was interested. After three college searches Antioch stuck out; looking through the data of hundreds of schools, is so overwhelming and it was it was nice to come across something different, maybe a little odd, but in a refreshing way.

My first weeks here have been spent going through old program guides, press clippings and photos for a timeline that will go up on the website to commemorate the station’s 55th Anniversary next month.  The dream, the passion and the community spirit that was and is WYSO shines through in these photos. It has been such a wonderful opportunity to not only see where WYSO is now, but the legacy from which it grew, its trials and triumphs. I am so happy, grateful and honored to get to be a part of WYSO.

The more I am here, the more excited I get for this Spring. Our first Community Voices class is next week and I cannot wait to get started!


One thought on “Hello WYSO!

  1. Kijin, I am so excited for you! I stumbled across your blog on Antioch College’s Facebook page. What a pleasant surprise. I like to blog myself, because writing is one of my many hobbies. Your journey so far sounds incredible– I’ll be sure to read your other posts. Keep it up! Don’t ever give up on your dreams. Somehow, I don’t think that you will.


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