Community Voices Training, Day I

The third Community Voices class gathered for our first meeting bright and early yesterday morning. Aside from a few small assignments to our build editing and writing skills and get our creative juices flowing, we’ll be mainly working on a feature story. Over the next month we’ll be researching a story idea. A good story is focused, relevant, has action (makes a noise to record!), has a plot, and someone with something at stake in the story. First stories wont have all these components, but its a good way to narrow down and focus a lead, if you have one. Which I am not sure I do.

We also learned about vox pop (short for vox populi, Latin for voice of the people) a type of story that consists of short, on-the-street interviews. We went through the steps of how to use the sound equipment and editing software and by next class our own vox pops should be ready to go! The vox pops will start with a question. We listened to some examples from last years class; some were serious, some whimsical. I think I’m leaning on the side of whimsy. I am so nervous to have to approach total strangers! But I can’t wait to familiarize myself with the equipment and begin my first experience interviewing people.

Much of the morning consisted of discussion about some vox pops that Sarah sent us before the class. It was a thought-provoking and interesting discussion. There are people in this group from many different backgrounds and it was wonderful to hear so many differing perspectives, from journalist ethics to cultural identity. We took a short tour of the station and as the discussion began to sink in, my thoughts began to turn in my mind. I think I was falling in love, with public radio and the spoken word, with sound and the potential that each could have.

Have a wonderful week!


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