My morning at Antiochiana

This morning I was invited to Antiochiana by Scott Sanders, the archivist for the College, to look for more information for the timeline. There was some rumor of an AM station starting shortly after WYSO on campus way back and I was hoping to follow that lead to some conclusion. Nothing so far. As Scott pulled some old papers out and we looked through the archives of the Antioch Record, I knew I was in trouble; Antiochiana is almost too interesting to get anything done. Looking through archives form 1973, I got a glimpse into a tumultuous time in Antioch’s history, one that included WYSO as a part of Comcil’s budget and meetings. I hope that will the transfer the college and station can become close (but not too close!) once again. Even among the hundreds of articles and interesting material, it was difficult to find things I could use on the timeline. Whether it is in the lives of individuals or the history of an institution, the complexities and vagueness of the past overtake everything, I think.

I did manage to fill in some of the blanks for the timeline before I left, content in the information I had gotten. I decided to let what couldn’t be found in a morning, at least for now. Maybe it is a symptom of being young that makes me fascinated by the past and yet constantly drawn to the present.


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