Happy 55th Birthday WYSO!

It’s quiet so far this morning at the station…but then, I guess it usually is on Fridays. I was sitting down, gearing up to get working this morning when I remembered something. It’s February 8th! WYSO turns 55 today.

I must say, this timeline project has been an amazing way to begin my stay as a Miller Fellow here. I have heard the first official broadcast of this station, held its first program, examined the work and photos of so many people for whom this station was beloved. From students at the college to the years just behind us, WYSO has always had something special, something so important to this community. Yesterday Sarah and I only worked on the timeline to prepare it for today. The last thing I scanned for it was the first page of the first program guide. Here is what it said:

“Dear Listener: This will be your radio station. Our policy states, ‘Its programs will be of a nature not generally available in the listening area, and shall emphasize the education and/or entertainment of the listening audience.’ But there is another point we wish to emphasize, and that is, that this will be a community radio station. We cannot expect to sit up here in our ‘ivory tower’ and put programs on the air without considering the needs and desires of our audience. We hope you will enjoy this, our first schedule. What it will be in the months to come is up to you. Let us know how we can make this a community radio station.” – Hal Roeth & Ed Richard, Station Managers

And that’s what its always been, hasn’t it? For better or worse, WYSO has been the reflection of the life and times of this community. Again, I am so grateful and so excited to be here, to a part of this station, and so looking forward to the rest of this year. Thanks for having me, WYSO.

You should definitely check this out: http://www.wyso.org/post/wyso-55


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