Today I spent the morning editing for Conrad’s Corner. Yesterday twenty poems were recorded for the show and Sarah asked me to go through and edit each one. It was slow going, probably because I am still pretty new at it. Practice makes perfect, right?

I went out and got some tape for my vox pop last Saturday. It was beautiful day, sunny with blue skies. In downtown Yellow Springs most people, with a few exceptions, were more than happy to answer my question; what do you want to be when you grow up? More to come, there’s still a lot of editing to do before its even close to done. We’ve arrived at midterms at Antioch, so what I want to do is superseded by what I need to do. I will hopefully get to the vox pop this weekend. First, though, I have a Japanese midterm, two short essays and a midterm for Political Economy and a Philosophy midterm to write.

行こう!Let’s go!


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