The Ricoh Room

Here’s a character at ‘YSO that probably doesn’t get as much notice as it should; the Ricoh Room.

It’s named for Ricoh, the copy/scanner machine which it its main occupant. Other than Ricoh, envelopes, boxes, paper, all manner of office-y things and an ancient, scary shredder also live there. Today Stephanie, our Membership Coordinator and Traffic Manager snagged me and we decided to tackle the Ricoh Room in all its chaotic utility.

I like organizing, and there’s nothing that lends itself better to organization than office supplies. A morning that started out a little pointless began to smooth out as stacks were squared, enveloped shuffled and an array of random objects were put in their places.

But, back to Ricoh. Few expletives are spoken here unaccompanied by the word ‘Ricoh.’ Yes, he’s kind of a pain, especially when he’s being all picky about nonexistent paper jams or the amount of paper loaded into Tray #2, but I love the guy. He and I bonded a lot during my first few weeks here, while I was doing a ton of scanning for the timeline. I can’t tell if its a sign of age (or lack thereof) that copy machines still fascinate me…and this one scans too! I like to sounds they make, and beeps and flashing, greenish light.

I’ll admit, today’s post isn’t exactly screenplay material, but I would like to point out that running any organization and especially small ones like WYSO, isn’t necessarily an easy operations. For every minute of air time there is a lot of hard work, of so many kinds, that must happen too. An even though some of it gets more publicity than others, its all important work. So yes, hearing about Ricoh and the not-so-special reorganization of the office supply room might not be life-changing, but the awareness of what’s behind the scenes should be there; thanks for persevering through this one with me.

Have a great weekend!


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