Community Voices

Today we wrapped up the second day of WYSO’s Community Voices, a really interesting and fun day. We starting things off with our vox pops that we’d been assigned last month. They ranged from serious to funny to poignant and there were all kinds of different editing styles and types.

I, for one, had such fun writing mine. Despite the fact I was so sure that all my levels for my little recordings were much to hot, or loud, and all my tape was totally unusable I finally buckled down and began editing. It ended up being a great project, and I learned loads about Hindenburg (the editing software), editing, sound and hearing with your eyes. The epic saga of my vox pop begins here.

Today in class we talked about interviewing; according to Neenah, its all about preparation and eye contact. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to drop everything and go where the story takes you. After discussing preparation of questions and setting up the interview we moved on to the technical aspects of actually recording the interview. As much as you can, listen and try to control the ambient noises in the room. Background radio music, dogs barking, air conditioners, and cellphones all make editing that much harder. Make sure your interviewee is comfortable and then set yourself up right next to them; you’re going to need to be close to get a good sound and not lose all the blood in the limb holding the mic.

Eye contact! Like I learned during my vox pop, verbal cues are an editing nightmare. You can still communicate by keeping eye contact and nodding, letting them fill in the silences. You’re there to record them anyway, so the less of your voice the better.

We spent a couple hours after lunch talking about our ideas for a feature stories. There are some great ones in the group. Not to give it away, but I’m thinking of doing a piece on the dining program at Antioch College. There’s still a lot to develop, but I think I’m on to something. I just need the guts to stick with it until I get it.

Stay tuned!


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