Antioch College Community Council Presents: Antistoch, A Benefit for WYSO

I am so proud of Comcil; what could be a better way to welcome WYSO back into the Antioch College family than this?


In honor of WYSO’s 55th Anniversary Comcil is sponsoring Antistoch, a concert filled with local talent including my classmate Della Jerkin (who is phenomenal, by the way). Also performing will be Wheels, the Gin-Soaked Angels, No Tribe, The Nobody People, Speaking Suns and Sport Fishing USA. This is right in the tradition of Antioch and WYSO’s support and love of local music. I couldn’t be more excited.

Sarah told me the story of how WYSO first heard about this. It was last month, on the very day we were celebrating ‘YSO’s 55th birthday. Everyone was standing around, eating cake and reminiscing when in walks Eric, our current Comcil President. He sits down and starts telling them all about this concert he wants Comcil to sponsor. Neenah and Sarah and the rest are waiting for the request for free advertising and the rest. But it doesn’t come. Instead he ends with “And it’s going to be a benefit for WYSO.” There was no one in that room that wasn’t moved or pushing cake down the table for him. The connection between the College and the station became that much closer then.

I love stories like this; its these kinds of stories that make me proud to be at this school and at this station.

The music starts at 8 p.m., Saturday, March 16 at the Glen Helen Building, 405/505 Corry Street in Yellow Springs. $5 at the door. All proceeds go to WYSO. Check it out on Facebook.

I’ll see you there!


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