Fund Drive with ATC, Down Home Bluegrass and Midnight Ramble

I’m here on the long shift tonight folks, from 5 to midnight. Although its slowed down a bit in the last hour or so, I got a taste of the wonderful community spirit that Fund Drive gets going here at WYSO. After about a half an hour of ATC, craziness, kids running around, people in and out of the air studio, phones ringing and all kinds of people chatting there came a slight lull. With bluegrass playing through the speakers the volunteers, Neenah, Luke and I shared some great stories; I love the ones about the times of Radio Past.

This is what keeping WYSO going is all about. The laughter, the caring and the smiles. I know its slowed down quite a lot now, but I don’t mind. It’s worth it to get to hang out with these awesome volunteers and the hosts, all of whom are totally wonderful and patient with me, the rookie shift captain.

Getting to meet Dan Duffee in person was definitely a highlight. You might not know, but he was one of the creators of “Rise When the Rooster Crows,” a famous show in WYSO’ history. He and Joe Colvin (co-host of Down Home Bluegrass) filled me in on some of the history of this station and my college. Jobs don’t get much better than this, do they?

Last night of Fund Drive and we are so close to our goal! At 9:35pm we only have $8,199 to go!


One thought on “Fund Drive with ATC, Down Home Bluegrass and Midnight Ramble

  1. Just after I put this up, who walks in but the one and only Jim Duffee, the Antioch Student who was the Duffee brothers’ connection to WYSO and the creator of their show. Jim has so many stories and amazing experiences and he shared just a sliver of them with me before he went into the air studio to pitch with Nikki Dakota and his brother. I feel so lucky and honored to meet and talk with these legends of WYSO and Antioch College.

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