Antistoch Headliners on Excursions This Week

Antistoch is coming! This is going to be the highlight of my week for sure.

This week Niki Dakota is having the headline acts of Antistoch: a Benefit for WYSO 93.1 FM on ‘Excursions.’ Yesterday her guest was Speaking Suns (hear full interview here) and today she had my classmates Della Jerkan and Zach Sullivan on to talk about music and the event on Saturday. Coming up on ‘Excursions’ this week will be Sport Fishing USA, No Tribe and Gin Soaked Angels.


I listened in a little yesterday, heard Speaking Suns and got a preview for this weekend; the excitement is building and I cannot wait for this weekend.

It was especially thrilling to see Della and Zach in the performance studio today. Della has such a great sound and is amazing on guitar and I loved the depth that Zach’s cello added to her songs.

You can learn more about Antistoch from WYSO’s page for the event or listen to Della and Zach’s interview from today on

I am so excited! I’ll see you this Saturday!


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