Happy Pi Day!

What a day! It’s Pi Day, Niki Dakota and Albert Einstein’s birthdays, and we have Gin Soaked Angels in the studio performing live right now! They sound amazing, I’m loving the harmonies, the djembe and the acoustics of this band.

Have I mentioned I’m excited for this Saturday?

I started work today helping Stephanie out in the Pledge Room packing premiums. Premiums are the things members can receive (if they want) depending on how much they pledge. So after fund drive, with 863 pledges, we probably have about 800 premiums to send out. It’s a lot of work, but Stephanie does it all with a lot of humor and skill. A volunteer, Linda,  has been here to help out as well. I spent most of the morning with her getting member cards into envelopes to mail out. Enjoy!

Charlie Campbell came in today too, in the middle of all this. I recorded and edited his segment for What’s Great in Dayton and we chatted and caught up. Between illness and Fund Drive last week Charlie hasn’t been in for a couple weeks. He is so patient with my inexperience, like everyone here. Even though I still have a lot to learn there is no here unwilling to teach me (or reteach me) if I ask.

Gotta tear myself away from Gin Soaked Angels’ awesome sound and get going, or I’ll be late for class!


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