The Auction is coming!

Today Juliet introduced me to the Auction Preparation Efforts…some of these items are looking pretty great. I started the day continuing an editing project for Luke Dennis, the Development Director. It involved editing together some tape that was taken from some of our underwriters to make a testimonial that will play over the air some time after the auction. I had to pare down these testimonials to 29.7 seconds, no more, and choose some music to go with it. There is some music, you just know, right from the first three notes, that it’s no good for the tape you have. On the other hand, the tracks I ended up choosing I didn’t even have to listen to twice. I knew they would work and that I wanted to use them the first time around.

We went off the air today, meaning that for a few seconds there was nothing playing on our airwaves. It’s not the first time it has happened since I started here, but was interesting was that it was because something was wrong with NPR, not because someone on our end had lost track of time. I was talking to Sarah about it and it occurred to me later that it’s not such a big deal for that to happen. I mean, it even happens to the likes of Robert Siegel and Melissa Block! I probably showed my naiveté in getting a little excited about it.

I’m leaving work a little early today because I’m coming back at 7pm to join the Yellow Springs Story Project which has been in the works for a while and is finally getting off the ground. More on that later, provided I remember to report back!  


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