Interview at 2pm

So, here’s the thing…

I started my Community Voices project with the idea that my feature story would be about institutional food systems, specifically that of Antioch College. The food systems, food service, of Antioch is pretty special and unique. I suppose I should have seen it coming sooner, but despite that it took me until last week to realize that there was no story there…not yet.

And I really want to tell a story, I mean, isn’t that what Community Voices is about? I could have done a profile, but I worried that since I am a student at Antioch it would look more like a gushing promo of my school rather than a serious radio profile of a really wonder and special institution. 

I want to work in the news, as you may know I want to be a journalist, so I went over to our News Director Emily McCord to ask her if she has any ideas. If you follow the news, or if you’ve been anywhere other than under a rock for the past few months, you’ll know that the sequester has everyone up in arms and is vastly changing the way federal programs are able to provide services. One of these services is Head Start, a federally funded preschool program. 

I have decided to do my feature story about how the sequester has affected those who rely on Head Start in the Dayton/Springfield area and what the budget cuts will mean for Head Start’s programs in these communities.

After trying to get a contact to gather some information ‘on background’ and getting only voicemails I spent the weekend meeting Admitted Students at the college and trying not to get antsy. It didn’t work, but today I tried again to reach some possible interviewees and finally did! Before I knew it I had a phone interview at 2pm today, I am pretty nervous, but more than excited. Wish me luck!


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