First Byline at WYSO!

I have been working on what is called a ‘cut and copy’ for Emily this week. Basically what it is is a piece of ‘copy’ or text that is read along with a piece of tape or a ‘cut.’ I did an interview this week for my Community Voices story but it had enough current relevance that Emily and Sarah suggested I turn it into a cut and copy for the news. Emily was so helpful and supportive in teaching me how to edit both my text and audio to make it good for the air.

Writing for radio is so different! It’s all little, short sentences and about being very direct and to the point. I definitely need some more practice and luckily Emily is open to me doing some more of these during my coop.

It’s going to be read on the air during the evening news, not going to lie, I’m pretty excited. It’s already up on the website, check it out, my first byline for WYSO!


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