The next Community Voices class is this Saturday and even though I am a little behind I’m feeling really good about what I have to show my class.

As you may or may not know I decided to scrap my old idea for my feature story for a new one. I’m lucky, I know; I get to focus a good portion of my days here at ‘YSO on my project while my classmates have a million other responsibilities such as their jobs and children. On top of that I have been working on a couple of editing/writing projects for people in various departments here so I get the extra practice. I’d like to take this moment to muse on my progress as a producer of radio since I started this project.

First of all, they aren’t kidding when they say you should be excited about your project; I can’t tell you how much more interesting all of this became the moment it wasn’t simply an intellectual exercise. With a some guidance both from Emily and Sarah I researched and pinpointed the first people I wanted to interview. Even if it was slow going to get find the people I needed and set up interviews with them, once the ball started rolling and I got momentum things definitely picked up.

I did a cut and copy for Emily, as I am sure you know, and learned a lot about how different writing for radio is, and the challenges I faced. I faced other challenges when I went to cut down the raw tape I had into short clips to play for the class tomorrow and possibly use in my story. There is tape in the person interviewed gives you information; there’s another kind that pulls the listener in, that is interesting, that gives the story depth and emotion. Why waste precious seconds with tape that simply gives information? can read the boring stuff and write it into my script, but there is no way for me to bring across the emotion and humanness of the person interviewed on my own. For that I need their tape. It was wonderful to make that discovery; it meant that instead of looking for good information in my tape I needed to listen for good tape itself, things that people say that is unique or that stand out.

I’m a bit peppy right now because I’m all pleased with myself for having come to this realization and managed to pare down two 30 minute interviews into under 3:10 minutes. I know that is still far too long especially since I have at least three more interviews to  still do, but I’m pleased all the same.

Goals: Improve interviewing and writing for radio.


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