Web posts for WYSO.org

Early on in my first weeks here at WYSO Juliet, our webmaster, showed me how to put posts up on the website. I have done a few things for the News Department, but usually the ones I will do will be for guests that Niki Dakota has on Excursions.

I guess I should explain what I’m talking about exactly. When Niki has a guest on her show she records the interview and live music the guest plays in the performance studio. Afterward Juliet (or I, or another intern) goes in, lightly edits the interview and puts it on the website with some copy.

The next couple of weeks will be busy ones for Niki because she will be having lots of guests on. She has already had four different groups on this week alone. Juliet has asked me to take care of getting all these interviews up on the web. It’s easy, simple work, but its good editing and writing practice; besides, from what I hear its quite helpful for me to help Juliet with this. And I really like being useful.

Here’s my to do list as of 3pm Thursday afternoon, in no particular order:

  • Edit poetry recordings for Conrad’s Corner.
  • Write the script for my Community Voices story, incl host intro.
  • Put Excursions guests on website
  • Finish contact information data entry for Neenah
  • Follow up with Community Voices story contact (next week)
  • Promos

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