Photography with Steve Bognar

Yesterday I was shown how to use the camera bought for this station for the purposes of Reinvention Stories by Sarah and basically set free to roam the station snapping photos. There are several reasons that teaching me to take pictures is a good thing. For one, I have an assignment for school having me describe where I work and there is an option to add pictures to the essay. Another is that there aren’t very many pictures of the station since the move; Juliet and Sarah tell me it would be useful to have some available in case they are needed for the website or something. The third is origin of this project; earlier this week Juliet asked me to take pictures of the guests appearing on Excursions tomorrow.

Knowing nothing about cameras, I put the camera on automatic and walked around taking pictures. As I was passing through the kitchen I ran into Steve Bognar, award-winning documentary filmmaker and current co-producer of Reinvention Stories. He greeted me; I was holding a very fancy camera so he asked me about what I was doing. When I explained my project and my complete lack of experience he generously offered to teach me how to use the camera. Needless to say I was through the roof with excitement.

I hesitate to go through everything we talked about in detail…that would take far too long and perhaps bore you. After going through some of the basics of exposure we took pictures of Wayne (our Clarke county reporter) and Luke (the Development Director) while they worked. This gave me the chance to practice what I had learned about exposure and to learn about composition.

IMG_2576 IMG_2578

It would be odd to write a post about taking pictures without any pictures so I will put these pictures of Luke. The one on the on the bottom was taken on the light side of Luke, the side being directly shone on by the sun. The one above was taken with the age-old advice “go to the Dark Side.” The darker, more shadowed side has more character, has more dimension and shows more of the personality of the subject.

I’m pleased with the result and can’t wait to take more pictures. I’m off to practice now, enjoy this beautiful day!


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