Behind the scenes on Kaleidoscope

Yesterday I came back to the studio after dinner to join Juliet in the air studio to help her with her show,  Kaleidoscope. Her guests this week were DJs Skratchmatic Assassin Turntable Terror Crew who mixed live on the air. It was a really great show, I loved Skratchmatic and chatting with Juliet about music and radio.

Kaleidoscope has a guest on every week which means that Juliet also engineers the sound of the show, getting the bands hooked up in the performance studio so that they can be heard on the air. Like with many things, this process also has its own quirks and Juliet is pretty sure she’s gotten the hang of them over the years. Shadowing Juliet while she got Skratchmatic set up opened up a whole other aspect of radio I hadn’t been exposed to: that of sound engineering.

I am already pretty familiar with the opposite end of the process; I often edit interviews from Excursions, so I can hear the results of the aforementioned quirks and the importance of good engineering when it comes to sound quality. When I realized the extent to which I was unfamiliar with the beginning of the process I thought, “Oh my gosh, another thing to learn!” Depending on your personality, mood and general outlook on life you can read that with any tone you like. I wont lie, it was a mix of emotion.

It started a conversation with Juliet about the wealth of opportunity here at WYSO. True, we’re not the biggest or most powerful station in the fastest town, but we do have quality. And because we are small, and the people here are of the character they are, people like me and others who wish to learn are really taken in and taught. Here I am learning every aspect of what it takes to run a public radio station, from membership to sound engineering. That experience is priceless and I am so grateful for it.


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