Ed Richard at WYSO

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and record an short, informal interview with Ed Richard. For those of you who don’t know, Ed Richard is one of the three Antioch College students who founded this station. He was clearly happy and excited to be back at WYSO and to talk about his experiences in the past and the future of this station, especially concerning Antioch College. He reminded me a lot of my own grandfather, the way he spoke with those around him, told stories and asked favors. I think one cannot help but be respectful, helpful and inspired by people like him.

Ed Richard and Niki Dakota in the air studio.
Ed Richard and Niki Dakota in the air studio.

Now this last note might not paint me as the most intelligent of creatures, but it’s a sweet anecdote, so I’ll let go of what little dignity I have and tell it anyway. Ed was telling me to story of how WYSO came to be. It was born out of WABS, the Antioch Broadcasting System. But when it came time to register with the FCC they couldn’t use those call letters. After several different tries they chose WYSO, almost out of desperation. YSO stands for Yellow Springs, Ohio. How did I not get that before?


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