It took me all week to finally get something written for the blog this week. It wasn’t as though things weren’t happening, I was just having a little trouble figuring out how to tell you about them.

My friend was telling me a funny story about the ‘intern herd’ at her coop in Washington. At the time I was the only intern here, but now WYSO is well on it’s way to the creation of it’s own ‘herd.’ Sam, a recent high school graduate and musician, is helping Niki out this summer. Neenah has an intern too; Rory started last week and will also be here for the summer. There’s yet another intern, who was here for a while before I came, who is returning sometime soon. All in all, lots of new faces here at WYSO.

Luke interviewed a volunteer and a listener earlier this week and I have been cutting up the tape to make 30 second testimonials. I’ve also made one out of the interview I did with Ed Richard last week. Neenah will be listening to them next week and recommending whatever changes they need.

These testimonials can be challenging, especially since you have exactly, I mean exactly, 29.7 seconds to get the clips you want in. Needless to say, much of the 12 minutes of tape I got from Luke did not make it in. Picking the music for them can be fun though, and the two people he interviewed had wonderful things to say about WYSO.

Great strides were made in my story for Community Voices this week as well. I finally got the last interview I needed and spent some time in the beginning of the week cutting up that tape and finding only the best bits. This last interview had a lot of new information for my pieces, which I included in the script. It went from a 5 minute piece to over 7 minutes. Despite that I think it is now a much better piece than it was; it’s going to be even better once I finish the edits that Sarah and I made this afternoon. I’m feeling pretty good about how it will turn out.

Have a great weekend!


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