Testify! Editing Testimonials at WYSO

It seems to be a testimonials Monday for this Miller Fellow.

As I may have mentioned before, Luke asked me to edit down some testimonials he recorded last week into 30 second testimonials; you may have already started hearing some of them! But that wasn’t the end of it; not by a long shot. On top of those three 30 second testimonials, I’ve been asked to make longer ones that are about a minute long. They go into the system for pitchers to use during Fund Drive.

You may already know, but we’re heading into a ‘mini fund drive’ at the end of this week, on Thursday and Friday only. The minute long pieces are something for the hosts and other people on the air to pitch out of when they need a break from talking, or a change of pace in the conversation.

Right now I have six interviews to work with; I’ve already started working on three of them, they include the ones that are already playing on the air. By the end of the week there will be eight in total. Luckily we only need a few for this Fund Drive; the rest will be saved for the fall.

I’m also working on something for Rev. Cool, for his show this First Friday. Different businesses in downtown Dayton call in to chat about what’s going down for First Friday and rave about the sweet beats from the Rev. Their messages are recorded on the answering machine and I go in to check for anything that needs changing of editing.

All in all, lot’s to do and keep me busy! I’m flying home to see my little sister graduate this weekend, and I want to get another edit in with Sarah before I leave. I’d better get started!


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