Oh no, I was so close! Actually, I still am, never mind…

Today I experienced…a setback. You know those many, many testimonials I was working on? I accidentally deleted a file from the mixing session of a testimonial I was working on, also deleting all the work I had done over the last week, trying to wrangle it into a minute-long testimonial. I was left with 26 minute interview that I still had to get back into and make into a minute long testimonial. Luckily we have all the ones we need for the mini-drive that starts tomorrow, so there was no pressure to get it finished. I was disappointed and frustrated, but I went back into edit and started again. Of course, since I had been listening to and (staring) at this tape for almost a week now, so I pretty much knew what I was looking for, and I think I maybe managed to find the clips I lost and put them together in the order I had them. So, really, what looked like a totally dive off a cliff was just a clumsy trip into a hole. Undignified, but not fatal. 

In other news, today I shadowed Peter Hayes, the Director of Operations here, while he put the testimonials on the array in the air studio. The array is a screen in the air studio where the on-air hosts access the prerecorded material that is played on the air. Three of the minute long testimonials I had edited together had been approved by Luke and Neenah and were ready to go into the array for the fund drive tomorrow, so I asked Peter if he would do it and let me watch. We (Peter) put them in the array, and voila! Listen for Brad, Ed, and Jack during Morning Edition and All Things Considered tomorrow and Friday. Don’t forget to pledge!


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