On Friday I left for home to see my little sister, Anja, graduate high school and she and I drove back with our older sister on Monday. Yesterday I took the day to show Anja around and take in the beautiful sunshine. I’m back at my desk today, looking at the testimonials I have left to do. There is one interview I have not heard at all, and I’d like to go through the ones that I have ready for Luke to hear. Also, Sarah and I did an edit last Friday before I left and I need to work on that as well.

This might not have much to do with WYSO, but it is a part of the experience of being a Miller Fellow, an Antioch Student on coop. One wonderful weekend away and I come back to earth with a little bump; the homework did stack up a bit while I was gone. We’re coming to the end of coop and the last of the assignments are coming to their due dates. The usual craziness of the end of a quarter has arrived, let’s get this done!


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