Editing and letting go

I did an edit with Emily today; it’s amazing how a fresh set of ears can hear the unnecessary parts and simply cut them out. By the end two people and probably two minutes of my story were cut out, bringing my story well below the expected length.

On the one hand I am pleased; this major cut has really streamlined the story and made it easier to write in a way that sounds more natural and like a term paper. On the other hand an enormous amont of work, research, editing and frustration was scrapped in a moment. I also worry I’m cutting out important parts of the story.

There’s a common symptom among new radio story producers of deep attachment to their tape; even if it slows the story down, or isn’t even that good. They are loathe to cut it out, to trim it down, to get rid of it all together. I don’t think that is what I am experiencing right now. There was a very specific reason I chose those people to interview; I though each told a different and important side of the story. Perhaps I was right in the former, but I think I overestimated the importance of their part of the story. In radio, in the news, shorter is always better. Always


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