Riddles, reminders and recording!

The moment finally arrived yesterday; Sarah and I were wrapping up an edit session and she said to me, “I think you’re ready to record your narration.” I did little to try and contain my excitement.

Of course there were other things to do, and the afternoon was waning. I spent the next two hours stuffing renewals and reminders. On a side note, I have yet to have anyone understand me the first time when I told them what I was doing; what?! Noodles and reminders? Riddles and reminders? What’s that?! Renewals and reminders are little slips going out the people who have pledged in the past year and haven’t pledged since (renewals) or people who have pledged, but haven’t sent in the money (reminders). I can’t find Stephanie, who heads this operation, to ask her how many go out, or how often…but it’s a lot. The pledge room is transformed into the mail room while envelopes are stuffed into envelopes along with return envelopes and organized by zip code. Stephanie then takes them off to get stamped at the University and then to the post office.

Anyway, renewals and reminders took the rest of the day, and another hour this morning, so I didn’t get into the studio to record my narration until ten. Niki says it took her a while to get used to the sound of her voice recorded. I think it will take me a while too. This came up when I was taking voice lessons too. My voice will never sound the same to me as it will to others, or on a recording. This is true of when I am singing, recording, talking, or anything. It’s not just because I’m hearing it from a physically different space, with my ears on the side of my head and through the vibrations of my skull. It’s the giant emotional filter that my voice has to go through before it reaches my ears. It’s that filter that’s making this last step one of the hardest.

This was going to be a post about mixing, but I think I got a little distracted. No fear, there is still much to be done! Let’s hope I remember to report back when I’m further along.


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