Welcome back!

I arrived back on campus on Saturday with my things and a nasty sunburn on my left side. I got all my things moved into my new room in Birch by the end of yesterday. There are still boxes to be unpacked, but I think I am settling in nicely. It’s good to be back at WYSO, I’m so glad I’ll get to be here for a while yet.

With my feature story behind me, and my first coop term, Sarah and I took a minute to look ahead at what I will be doing here for the next few months. Since I now have a full class schedule I will be going part time. My main responsibility will be a brand new podcast for the station that is now officially a part of Antioch College. I have a lot of freedom of what it sounds like and its format, so it’s a little daunting, but I’m excited to get going. The first one will be Ed Richard telling the story of the founding of WYSO.

It’s good to see all the people who have been scattered all over the country and the world back here, exchanging hellos and hugs and everyone lending a hand to get boxes and suitcases moved it. Welcome back class of 2016, let’s have the best term yet.


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