Were you there yesterday? The Open House was a lot of fun. I was lucky enough to escape the heat and be stationed in Studio B that was nice and air conditioned. Later, though, I was stationed at the ice cream stand and that was plenty hot. It was wonderful to be able to put a face on the communities we serve. There were all kinds of people there, with lots of little kids, music and food. Major props to everyone (Juliet, Niki, etc) to everyone who made it possible.

It’s sort of strange to only be here part time. I’m focused only on the podcast right now, trying to get it ready for an edit with Sarah. We now have all kinds of testimonials to edit now too, but the podcast is my priority right now. It’s coming along alright, but it still needs an ending and I think it’s almost twice as long as I would like. Since this is going to only be on the web, and not in a time slot on the air, I have a lot more wiggle room to make it as long or short as I want. Still, shorter is better when it comes to radio, so I’m trying to make it ten minutes or less.


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