It’s a Heat Wave!

The first heat wave of the summer has arrived in Ohio. Emily asked me to call NOAA (the national weather service) and get a little tape to make a cut and copy for the news. Although getting tape and pulling out the best bits is something I’ve much improved on, it’s clear that my writing for news needs a lot of work. I hope to one day write at least a cut and copy that doesn’t require so much heavy editing.

With the heat index (that’s the combination of humidity and temperature) it’s going to feel as high as 100 degrees through the end of the week, so be careful to care for yourself and others. Also, be patient with one another; it’s hot, we’re all hot. Along with a lot of water, light colored clothing and staying in the cool as much as possible, please, give each other (and yourself) the space (physically and otherwise) to handle the heat.


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