It is happening this week

I’m waiting on a theme song, an edit and the final go-ahead, but I expect the first Antioch Word Podcast will be finished this week. Last Thursday I chatted with Juliet about getting it on the website. It will have a little copy that says what it is about and a graphic, which will just be the Antioch College symbol for now. I am thinking about creating my own graphic soon, but I’m trying to focus on the audio for now. And that is almost done! I’m waiting on a theme, which is being composed, probably as I write. So far its a little under 14 minutes, which is longer than I expected, but I think it moves nicely and isn’t too long or slow.

Lots of other things going on this week too. Sarah is gearing up to put the Community Voices special on the air, I’m helping her proofread the copy for the website for all of those. Also, I’ll be recording a promo for the special (and hopefully my podcast) this week as well.

In addition to all that, I’m trying to stay on top of my homework and make sure I’m getting enough sleep. Not to worry, it’s not too hard to get everything done and it all seems to be balancing out nicely.


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