Okay, maybe not this week

I hope I didn’t get your hopes up, like I did mine. There are a few more steps that need to be taken, mostly by people who are not me, before The Antioch Word can make its debut. But, don’t worry, there’s good news too!

The Antioch Word has a theme song, all of its own. It’s composed and performed (and recorded and edited) by Seth Kaplan who is a second year at Antioch. I’m really pleased with the result, I hope you are too. I’ve had a lot of fun putting together the music for this episode. Because of FCC regulations, I can’t play any FCC licensed music, since its copyrighted and all that. I think the rule is that I could play thirty seconds or less; any more than that and I would have to pay royalties or something. Sarah showed me this site, freemusicarchive.org, where I can get music that is in the public domain. I found a group that I really like on there, called Podington Bear, and I’ve used mostly their music for this episode.

I just now finished putting all my tape in order and put my music basically where I want it. I still have some of the finer editing to do. Three days ago, with narration and some music, but no theme, the episode was a little under 13 minutes. Looking at it now, with the theme and new narration, its now almost two minutes longer, just under 15 minutes; how did that happen! I’m wondering if I should cut it down, I had hoped to keep in under ten. Because this is a podcast and wont have to fit into a specific piece of airtime I can really take up all the time I want. But shorter is better, especially when it comes to audio on the internet. I’ll ask Sarah about it later, see what she thinks.

I should have my end of things done by tomorrow, so hopefully all I’ll need by then is the go-ahead. Don’t worry, you’ll know when it’s up; I’m pretty sure the only people who wont will be the penguins in Antarctica, I’m so excited, it’s going to be all I talk about anywhere, with anyone. Soon! Soon!


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