I listened Part I of the Community Voices special last night, what an enjoyable hour that was! It was very strange to hear my voice over the air, although I can’t say I hated it, at least once the initial shock had passed. I don’t know if you’ve every had your ears glued to the radio, there was something about that hour that I couldn’t take my ears off of.

It was so wonderful to hear these stories as they were meant to; over the air. After months of discussion and criticism and support they are finally finished, and I am so proud of everyone who participated. They sounded so natural, like they’ve been narrating and producing stories for years. I noticed how much my own tone has changed since I finished my Community Voices feature story and the podcast. I already sound more comfortable and less stilted. Maybe it’s because the content of the podcast is more along the lines of a story, so it’s easier to sound more natural.

Many congratulations to Ron, Lauren, Renee, David and Seth. You did such a good job!

If you missed the special last night, you can catch up for next week right here.


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