I listened to Part II of the Community Voices Special last night, did you? I’ve heard these stories before; we listen to each others’ stories many times throughout the training. But there’s something about radio, about the airwaves that just a little magical. The stories we heard last night from Jocelyn, Amy, Steve and Venita sounded even better on the air. You might have noticed that the first episode of the Antioch Word was also featured! Last week Sarah asked if she could put it on the air, because she needed a little something to fill time. I, of course, agreed and it was really enjoyable to hear my voice on the air.

The cool thing about radio is that you can’t see your audience. That does a lot for being self-conscious, or embarrassed. Even though I’m still not really sure I like the sound of my own voice, and I still pick every little piece of my story a part, I managed to not be quite so nervous this time and just painted with my friend on the floor on her room.

If you listened, I hope you enjoyed the stories. If you missed them, click here and you can listen to all of them in your own time. Happy listening!


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