The Antioch Word, Episode II and III

Episode II is coming along nicely. In fact, I think it’s nearly done. I was going to record my narration yesterday, but I have a cold, so unless I want my narration to sound extra nasal, I’ll have to wait until the cold abates. It’s not due out for another two weeks or so, so I have some time.

I have a topic for episode III, and even some tape, but I’m still thinking of how I want to frame it. We had to interview several people for a project for the Global Seminar on Education earlier this quarter and my group recorded all of our interviews. I’m going through all the interviews now, checking not only for content, but for the quality of the interviews as well. This episode is not only going to benefit the Antioch Word. I will also be able to submit it as an assignment for Global Seminar. It means that the deadline is almost three weeks sooner, but I’m excited about this connection between my work and my schooling.


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