It’s Finals Weeks!

The usual juggle between work and school always gets a little harder during finals. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on work when you know you’ve got a lot of studying and projects to do. Luckily this quarter, I’m excited for finals week(s). I’ve been allowed to use the third episode of my podcast as my final project for Global Seminar, so I’m working hard on that right now.

The topic of the third episode comes from the Education theme in Global Seminar. At the very beginning of the quarter students in Global Seminar were assigned a project to attempt to answer the question, What does it mean to be Antioch educated? To do this we had to interview people in the community. People interviewed students, staff, faculty, administrators, and of course, alumni. My group tried to contact an alumn, but schedules never worked out and we couldn’t make a time that worked for everyone. We did get 8 other interviews with an administrator, a professor, a student, a former student, a parent of a student, a two staff people and a graduate of Antioch University.

For various reasons I will only be able to use seven interviews in the podcast and because of the nature of the question, there is only limited tape I can use that would make sense. The question is a broad one, and one that is very difficult to answer at all, let alone quickly and succinctly. It’s also going to mean that the writing for this episode could be a bit challenging, so that all the tapes can be connected in a way that make sense. Off to get that done now, hopefully I can be ready for an edit by tomorrow.

One last thing; today is the 12th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. I don’t think melodrama is productive, but I hope you can take a minute today to think about those who were lost, and that turning point in the history of this country and the world. May we all be at peace.


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