Where in the Word?

Ok, so the pun isn’t perfect…I just couldn’t help myself!

Just in case you haven’t gotten the chance and don’t know where to find The Antioch Word podcast, I thought I’d tell you where you can find it!

The first, and probably best, place to look in at wyso.org. Just look in the drop-down menu under “Community Voices” on the home page.

I recently made a new page on my blog that also links to the program page on wyso.org, check that out if you like. It’s quite plain, but I’m not sure what to add to it to spruce it up. I still haven’t decided what to do about a logo for the podcast.

And, finally, you can now find a link to the Antioch Word at antiochcollege.org. It’s under “Campus Life” and in the menu on the left.

The next episode of the Word is coming right along. Hopefully I’ll have it done in a week. “Why in a week?” you ask. Well, for one thing, it means I’ll get to turn it in as my final project for a class I’m taking. Also, this next episode will go on the web in the first week of October, during orientation, in the first week of the Fall quarter. Between the week I’ll be home for break and the week I’ll be here for orientation I won’t have time to work on anything, let alone remember to keep my teeth brushed. So, all in all it’s a win win win. Isn’t is great when things work out like that?


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