Episode III on its way!

I am pleased to announce that Episode III of the Antioch Word is finished, well ahead of schedule. The Word is released the first week of the month, so if you’re keeping an eye on the calendar, this episode is not due to be released for another two weeks.

As I mentioned before, I am using this episode for my final project for my Global Seminar class on education. I’ll be sharing the episode with my class, although I’m afraid it won’t be up on the website until the first week in October. I can tell you the title of the episode, “What Defines an Antioch Education?” Even that name is not final, and with two weeks between now and the release date, some things could still change.

Tomorrow is my last day here for this quarter; Sarah is already grumbling about being lonely while I’m done. I’ll be at home for week and be back for orientation for the class of 2017. Things are going to be so hectic for that week I won’t be back until the week after, for the Fall Fund Drive! Looking at my schedule things are shaping up to be pretty busy this next quarter (but what else is new?).

Because of this, I’ll be putting Episode III up and choose an option for delayed publishing…it’s pretty cool. I’ll be able to set up the day and time and, without me doing anything, the article will publish while I’m running around orienting all the new students and trying to keep my wits about me. Technology is so cool.

Reading back on this post I realize it could just be one big tease for the next episode…oops, that certainly wasn’t meant.

I’m off to do a little planning for next quarter…have a beautiful day!


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