It’s Episode III of the Word

Episode III of the Antioch Word is up and running! Go here  to hear the full episode. I know I already talked about what this episode is about before, but it’s been a while, so let’s have another go at it.

Episode III is called “Defining an Antioch Education,” and takes the interviews my classmates and I collected for an assignment last quarter. The assignment was to ask various members of the community the question, “what does an Antioch education meant to you, what defines an Antioch education?” I took tape that I had collected, but also the tape my classmates recorded.

I had my doubts about such a question as an interview question, especially through my radio-producer lens, such as it is. As I started to organize the tape and pick out my selects I began to notice the quality of that question, how difficult it is to answer and the quality of the tape I got when I asked it. I like this episode; it doesn’t tell a story in the same way as the other two do, but I like it all the same. If I had tried to approach this episode on my own, without the assignment and with the idea to define an Antioch education, I’m not sure it would have gotten off the ground. It’s too complex, too varied, and too broad to totally answer, and I would have felt a lot of pressure to answer it completely.

What I have now, then, is a tiny slice of a vast and varied sea of experiences. It is in no way a general statement or a sum up of all opinions and thoughts of our community. I hope that it can be a way for people to think about this school, this education, and why it’s important, why it’s special, why it’s worth the hard work and investment we all put in every single day.


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