It’s Fun(d) drive Fall 2013

So begins my participation in my third fund drive at WYSO. It’s my first time back since my two weeks away between quarters. I spent a few days at home with my wonderful family, and was back to welcome in the class of 2017. I would have checked in, you know I would have, but it was all so busy! The nature of orientations are pretty crazy as a general rule, and this one was no exception. Good news! I’ve already met many of the new class that are interested in radio and checking out WYSO.

There’s a new Miller Fellow at the station too…Zeb Reichert (no relation to our Julia Reichert) is a member of the class of 2015, and his doing his co-op at the station. I haven’t worked with him yet and since there’s only one so-called Miller Fellow Desk, Sarah says we might have to set up a boxing ring in the performance studio and work it out that way.

I’m looking forward to getting the next episode of the Word up and running! I’m not going to say much, except to tell you that it will be released the first week in November.

So, I’m back and settling in as shift captain for the next three hours here at the station. Don’t forget to pledge!


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