It’s going to be great…

Well, now I am back, but back for real…Fund Drive can feel a lot like the Twilight Zone, so I’m not sure it counts as really being back. I’m working part time again this autumn, and it will be my last quarter here; I can’t believe I’ve been here for nine whole months!

Sarah and I met briefly to discuss the next steps I’ll be taking. I have two more episodes of the Word to produce before I hand the baton off to Zeb, the new Miller Fellow. I have my first interview for the Word this Friday, so until then I’m with Stephanie in the pledge room organizing and packing premiums. Many hands really do make light work.

So, looking ahead to the next quarter, I’m hoping to work in the News Room with Emily McCord. Of course the podcast is my priority, but I’d love to get some experience in the news before I leave. This quarter is going to be pretty nuts, so I might not have as much time as I’d like to be able to do that.

Sarah’s office is home to a flock of desks now…now that Zeb has my desk, neither Sarah nor I want me to move out, so we brought a table in here and set it up as my desk. With all this company I’ll never be lonely at work. Better jet, it might be five o’clock, but the day’s not over for me!


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