Happy Monday!

I now have the tape I need to start Episode IV of the Word, so I spent most of my afternoon listening to the tape and labeling the different sections.

I’m beginning to see what having having a full course load and two part-time jobs feels like. It’s a lot of homework and when I am here, the hours are precious. I only have two weeks to get this podcast done. Sarah is confident I can do it, and I’m sure I can, provided I use my time wisely.

I’m also making the happy connections between my other part time job as an Resident Assistant for Community Life at the College and this job. I had a staff meeting with the other RAs and our supervisors, the Resident Life Managers, and we were discussing how we’ll be preparing students for the accreditation visit this November. I’d been asked by Neenah to present something about the mission and vision of the college to prepare folks here, so I showed the people at the meeting what I was doing. We’ll probably use that for the Residence Halls as well. It feels good to see the connections and the bridges.

We’re still in the baby stages of bringing the college back into the radio station, and the radio station back to the college, and I’m really excited about the possibilities and potential. We’ve only just begun to discover it.


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