Learning Through the Accreditation Process


It’s the latest from the Antioch Word!

This month on the Word I spoke with Jennifer Jolls, the Director of Institutional Effectiveness at Antioch College, about accreditation. I don’t know if you knew, but we’re having a site visit from the Higher Learning Commission. Stay calm; we won’t know if we’re going to get accredited for sure from this visit, or even if we have candidacy. Still, it’s a huge step in the long process of accreditation that Antioch College has undertaken.

I really enjoyed talking with Jennifer Jolls, even if it wasn’t about the most exciting topic. That’s the funny thing about accreditation; it affects us all, and we all have a lot riding on it, but when it comes down to it it can be hard for people to get interested and stay that way. That’s kind of why I did this episode about accreditation; it’s really important that we all understand what’s going on in this process. Jennifer has been spearheading this long and complicated process, so she had all the answers I needed. Our conversation was relaxed and informative.

I hope you check out this latest episode! Go to the Antioch Word page at wyso.org to check it out.


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