Why do we fall down?


Hey everyone,

Mind if I tell you a short story? I promise it’s relevant.

Have you ever tried making an audio story? It’s a great, if challenging experience. And you, the creator have to be ready for anything that fortune decides to throw at you, and sometimes you get thrown a doozy.

When I was working on the Halloween podcast special, I interviewed two people on fairly opposing sides on the topic of the use of fake guns in the Humans versus Zombies game going on at Antioch, and had begun cutting the audio together into a story about these views. Unfortunately, the audio gods decided to have some fun at my expense, and erased half of the audio interviews… permanently.

But I couldn’t let this bring me down, could I? Of course not! With only a few days until I needed to publish the story, I made do with what little I had at my disposal. Luckily, thanks to Zach Sullivan, I still had one interview that wasn’t deleted from every backup drive AND the main computer’s hard drive. Impending deadlines have a way of bringing out the best in you, and I finished the project like a runner with their second wind, and it felt great.

Making an audio story is something that I believe everyone needs to try their hand at at some point. So why do we fall down? So that we can get right back up again, of course!


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