It’s going to be well worth it to stick around…


I don’t mean to brag…just kidding, of course I do. Seriously, I am so excited for this next episode of the Antioch Word. It is, one might say, going to be epic. I went out to gather tape earlier this week and learned the little heartaches and headaches involved in that process. For instance, I was recording sound of a stream in the Glen, and the microphone levels were really high. It made for a very loud sound (obviously) that had a lot of air in it. Does that make sense? Because the microphone levels were so high it was picking up the breeze above the water, and magnifying it far beyond what the normal human ear would hear. I turned down the mic, and lo and behold, the air calmed down and I could hear the merry gurgle of the water without a background noise that called to mind a tornado warning.

It was quite a difference. I spent a moment turning the sensitivity of my mic up and down and noticing the difference as I watched the water at the same time. With the mic turned down, the stream sounded like a merry little brook, bubbling along in the sunshine. Probably in a sweet little meadow with lambs and flowers. The higher I turned up the mic the more air it picked up and, of course, the louder it got. The merry brook turned into a raging river, covered by mist, full of treacherous rocks…terrible for fishing. All this while watching that same little stream. It’s amazing what a little bit of sound can do.

That experience reminded me of when I was editing for my podcast…wait, have I told you what the podcast will be? It’s three stories my classmates wrote and performed for a class I’m taking this Autumn, called Storytelling. One will be dry, told without music or added sound. The second has a music bed underneath. The last one I decided to really produce the heck out of. It has music and sound effects, a total of five layers of sound. All very cool. Anyway, when working on the last story I realized how much more emotional the reader sounded after I put music or sound underneath it. In reality, nothing was really different. It was a recording of the reader’s voice, so nothing had changed. Adding the sound was enough for my brain and life-experience to fill in the blanks and provide the emotion.

Have a great weekend!


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