What’s the Word?


It’s the latest from the Antioch Word! Click here for the fifth episode I’ve produced for the Word. As I mentioned, this episode features stories from my classmates in my Storytelling class at school. It was so much fun to produce this episode, I think it’s my favorite so far. Hope you enjoy it!

It’s hard to believe I only have three weeks left, not just in the quarter, but in my time at WYSO. It’s not that the time flew by, or anything…I mean, it didn’t crawl, but I think it went about the pace one can expect time to pass. I do wish, a little, that this job would be waiting for me when I get back from co-op in California. I’m making my first foray into television! I’ve got an internship at KCRA television in Sacramento, I’m very excited. Also nervous. Anyway, even though I won’t get to be a Miller Fellow anymore, I hope to come back to WYSO often and contribute to what’s going on here. It’s all just too cool to quit just like that.

Today I hit one of those familiar snags I sometimes have, as someone who need to write both for radio (in a very conversational style) and my classes (a much more formal, academic style). I am positive the have influenced each other. My radio writing is still (unfortunately) a little stiff, and my academic writing has loosen up quite a bit. We’re reading Marcel Proust in my literature class right now. If you don’t know, Proust was a French modernist writer of the 19th century. To say the man was long-winded is an understatement. Proust was, it seems, completely unfamiliar with punctuation as a general concept, and so his sentences are extremely long and fluid. He writes in a stream of consciousness style. Today I was trying to write an introduction and I realized how much reading Proust (and writing less for radio) has affected my writing. I was have such a hard time keeping it short and sweet! I wonder if I’ll ever get the hang of holding onto and keeping separate the two kinds of writing. I think it could happen, but only with a lot of time and practice.


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