Today I got to work with Lewis Wallace (Economic Reporter here at WYSO) on a cut and copy about the snow storm. I called the National Weather Service (NOAA) in Wilmington and interviewed a meteorologist. After I took the information and a short clip and made them into a cut and copy. I brought the draft to Lewis and he helped me through an edit.

Have I gushed about Lewis yet? In an effort to maintain my dignity, I try to hold back. As an editor, Lewis is wonderful. He walked me through what he heard and what changes he thought were needed. We (he) cut down the clip to make it tighter and more clear, and cleaned up the copy a bit. We then put it into a news story template and got the clip into the system so it could be played from the control room. It was all ready for the 5 p.m. newscast with Jerry Kenney. How exciting.

I need a lot more experience before I can pull a cut and copy off with any kind of efficiency and without so much help. I don’t mind. I know this cut and copy was just about the weather, but it was so fun! The news is so fun!

Have a snowy, wonderful, warm weekend.


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