Murphy’s law at work


Hey all!

So recently, I’ve been working on finishing up a video project for the station in preparation for March’s fund drive, and getting the podcast out. I was going to have the cast finished and ready to go today, but I needed to make a couple final edits, including changing a couple things I said in it. But guess what happened in the last day? I got sick and lost my voice. 

Isn’t that just grand? The one moment that I would really need to have my voice ready and rearing to go, and it’s the one part of my body that doesn’t want to work. I don’t even feel bad! I don’t have a cough or sniffles or nothing! Just my voice box deciding it doesn’t wanna play ball. 

Anyway, I’ll try my best to have to the podcast ready in the next few days and get it posted. I hope you all are having a great February so far, and that the snow hasn’t set you back too much. 

Take it easy!



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