Meet Wyatt – WYSO’s Newest Miller Fellow

536238_10202840776205816_1161221128_nHello everyone! I’m Wyatt, the newest Miller Fellow here at WYSO and a first year media arts student at Antioch College. I’m very excited to be working here at WYSO, as I am interested in sound. I have been recording music for a few years now and I absolutely love production. I started working here a few weeks ago and so far I’ve been getting to meet and shadow everyone that works here. It’s been very intriguing to learn how a radio station works. I was shown how all of the equipment used to pickup and broadcast radio works, very cool. I got to learn how the website works and how news gets published on it. And I was also shown how radio shows are actually broadcasted. I had the opportunity to sit in with the music director for WYSO, Niki Dakota, during her music broadcast Excursions the other week and man I had no idea how spontaneous music radio is.

I had always assumed that there was just some long playlist that a computer would play for the music portion of radio, I was so wrong. The music was all played with CDs that Niki would have to switch out manually, not just with some computer. I was also wrong about all of the music being picked out before the program. Niki had a general idea of what she was going to play, but it wasn’t all predetermined. She just went with the flow and made it all connect, it was fantastic. Every once in a while there would also be a phone call with a request for a song and then Niki would go running into the giant CD library to find the song and then run back to the studio and have the CD ready before the current song ended. It was absolutely incredible.

Anyway, I’ll be here for the next year working part-time in this winter/spring/fall and I’ll have the opportunity to work full-time this spring. I just moved from Chicago to Yellow springs in October, which has been a huge change for me. Yellow Springs is so small in comparison, but it’s such a cool little town. It has a very distinct vibe to it and I love it. Coming to Antioch and working at WYSO have been such wonderful opportunities for me and I am truly looking forward to my time here.


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