Hi everybody! I’ve been participating in the Community Voices class here at WYSO and it has been fantastic so far. The class teaches radio production and aims to create a community of radio producers. It runs for six months and by the end of it all of the class participants will have created a feature length radio story, as well as several other projects along the way.

The first project that I was assigned was to create a vox pop. A vox pop is a short collection of interviews from the general public to get a sense of how people feel about a certain topic. For example, vox pops are often used at political rallies to see how the crowd feels about a certain candidate. Because I just recently moved to Yellow Springs I wanted to get a sense of how the folks that live here feel about the place, so I went downtown and asked the question “What is your opinion of Yellow Springs?” The general sense that I got was that the people of Yellow Springs like it here because of the community.

Making the vox pop was a fun project and I feel that I gained a lot from it. I certainly conquered my shyness when it comes to talking to people on the street! At first It was nerve-wracking to go up to people and ask for an interview, but after awhile the nervousness went away and it felt natural. I’ve come out of the project with some basic interviewing skills and a pretty decent vox pop as well! If you would like to find out more about Community Voices click here. If you would like to listen to my Vox pop click the player below!

Last week I worked as a shift manager for the WYSO spring membership drive. I worked the night shift from eight to eleven or twelve Wednesday through Saturday. My job was to keep track of the incoming pledges and put them in our accounting system. It was a fun experience overall, I got to help raise money for the station and meet some interesting and dedicated WYSO listeners who volunteered to answer phones. Good stuff.

My second quarter at Antioch will end in ten days! And soon after that I get to start my full time co-op here at WYSO. It’s very exciting.

Have a good week everyone, and thanks for stopping by!


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