On Friday April 11th, I went to the UpDayton Summit, a conference targeting young professionals and college students around the Dayton area. The purpose of the summit was to jump-start projects led by volunteers to improve the city of Dayton. I went to the summit with Juliet Fromholt, the WYSO webmaster, to help run a table for the station. The atmosphere at the conference was full of excitement and there were friendly, smiling faces everywhere.

We were giving out WYSO buttons, bumper, stickers, program schedules, and we also had a raffle for a chance to win a bunch of WYSO swag, including a tote bag, a WYSO member card, and several CDs. The conference began with its check-in period, and then had about an hour for attendees to mingle and browse the various sponsor tables. After the mingling period, everybody dispersed into groups to discuss and vote on project ideas. The three most popular ideas received $1000 in grant money.

Overall the conference was a very inspiring experience. I’ve never seen a group of people so enthusiastic and dedicated to improving the city they call home. The winning projects were: the implementation of a disc golf course in downtown Dayton, the creation of a social media campaign to spread the word about things to do in Dayton, and a welcome day for Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

This trip marked my first time in Dayton. The city is about a thirty minute drive from Yellow Springs. I’m not quite sure how I’ve lived here this long without setting foot in the city. I didn’t get to see much of Dayton during the trip, but I did get to see the Dayton Art Institute, where the conference was held. The museum is absolutely magnificent and full of fantastic art, with a collection spanning across five thousand years. Sadly, I didn’t get to see as much of the museum as I would have liked, but I plan on returning so I can get a chance to look at more of their artwork. In addition to the museum, I plan on visiting the Oregon Historic District in Dayton. The district has some wonderful architecture with buildings dating back to 1820. But the architecture isn’t the only incentive to go there, I’ve heard that they also have some great restaurants and shops. Now if only I could get over there to visit, oh the woes of not having a car. 

Thanks for reading!


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