Who are we? Great question; we are Kijin Higashibaba and Zebedee Reichert. Both Antioch students and current Miller fellows at WYSO.


I am a hopeful Political Economy major in the class of 2016. I am from Massachusetts and love to read…I’m a talker too. What is the Miller Fellowship? Glad you asked; Nolan Miller was an associate professor of English at Antioch College a good while ago. He lived frugally, so it was a surprise to find out, on his and his brother Dick”s deaths, they had left behind a giant sum of money. It was left specifically in trust (or something) to allow Antioch College students to work locally here in Yellow Springs, because they believed in the idea of service. They gave us the Miller Fellowship. I arrived in Ohio for the first time last October and am so grateful and glad to be here. Antioch College is a wonderful place and I am so honored to be here at WYSO.

I have wanted to write in journalism, or at least for the news, for a very long time, at least since my dreams of teaching met their demise with the short stop of a reality check. Being at WYSO is so exciting for me, and as hard as it is to be such a beginner I am so excited to learn. I will be working full time at WYSO come April for my coop and I am already participating in the 3rd Community Voices class.

There is so much to learn, to experience, to explore; the next year is going to be wonderful and I cannot wait.


One of the first students to return to the recently re-opened Antioch College, I am now in my third year here. Though it would be more truthful to say that it is more like my twentieth year here, seeing as how Yellow Springs has been my home for my entire life.

I have always loved electronics and film. Making movies and the like has been something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember, thus my desire to be a media major. In my first co-op at Antioch, I was lucky enough to work with local documentary makers Julia Reichert and Steve Bognar. This time around, I am just as fortunate to work here at WYSO.

I’m not as much a talker as Kijin, but if you get me going, I can be very long-winded when it comes to subjects that are important to me.


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